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"Doctor by day,
Werewolf by night."

Doc. Somehow this went from a personal blog to a
Teen Wolf blog. No regrets.


Title: Best Mistake (feat. Big Sean)
Artist: Ariana Grande
Played: 120532 times

Usually TW episodes seem to go by really quickly, but tonights episode felt SO long.

I want to help, you know…
But I can’t do the things that you can do. I can’t.

I’m not a h e r o.


Let it run right over you
Let it run like water to the sea
Nothing lasts forever darling
Everything is as it must be

Stiles + walking behind Lydia 

I woke up looking this good and I wouldn’t change it if I could. You can say what you want, I’m the shit. ***Flawless.


Like my mother used to say I’m a predator, but I don’t have to be a killer

#SinyAppreciationWeek ❥ Derek Hale


ver.1 + close-up (x)


ver.1 + close-up (x)




scott mccall in weaponized

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